Single and Ready to Mingle:  That One friend…



Happy Saturday my Single-lites! I hope that you are having a wonderful Saturday afternoon, and it is just as beautiful as you are.  This week’s blog comes from my people watching issues and conversations.  Sit back and think about it. We all have that one friend that always wants us to stay forever single. No matter how you try to date or try to find that one for you, there is always that one friend. We all have one.


Dear Friend,

If you want me to stay forever single like you, I am sorry to bust your bubble I am dateable person. One day I am going to find my forever and I am going to go from just one to two.


Friend and dating


Why is this? Why can’t someone just be genuinely happy? They are genuinely happy alone because they have found their happiness with in. But the moment someone else sees how happy he or she is with themselves you have a problem. I understand you are so use to you and your friend being single and you all doing the single ish that single people do. You know your friend well enough to know; to know the desire off their heart.  Maybe you feel like the friendship will change. Of course it will change. Relationships have to be nurtured and cared for just like your friendship, but you can still have your friendship.    Don’t try to weigh them down with negative thoughts and energy. You attract what you put out… (note to friend). That will push your friend away.

I simply ask you friend, that you support your friend. If they are over the hill happy about someone, then you be just as happy as them.  Be a better friend. The wonderful flip side of this is that you have that friend who knows what your struggle has been.  The one that has been there and recognized that you deserve to be happy in that situation. Keep that friend closer.


Please know that I am the friend happy for you and encourage you to get out and date.


Happy Dating…

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