Single and Ready to Mingle:

Slow down…



I have always been so amazed at how quick people move from relationship to relationship. Why wouldn’t you give yourself sometime to get over whatever caused you to be out of the relationship? Go and find your pieces that you lost. Slow it down and take your time.


These are merely my thoughts and opinions, so please don’t be offended by anything that I say. This is just me people watching and penning my thoughts for you all. I seriously feel like these people have had these other men and women stashed somewhere. They were looking for an out and got it so they moved on. How do you breakup on Monday and have a new boo by Friday. That just doesn’t make sense to my life.  I am absolutely baffled and confused all at the same time. “Lucy you have some explaining to do”.  Maybe they were told the best way to get over the last is to get under the next.

Per Ron Bethea one of my Facebook friends, he says “How do you know that they need healing? Maybe leaving the old partner made them better…”  Maybe, maybe that person does make them better, but how would they know if that person wasn’t stuck in their pocket somehow…

Maybe  Ron has a point; how do we know a person is healed. Well time will only tell this. If one starts going through the same thing maybe they didn’t give it time. If they are treating the next like crap, maybe they didn’t heal.  Only time will tell, but I still say slow your roll and heal.



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